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“Giving hope for the mind, body, and spirit of the cancer patient and their loved ones.”
– Ruth Ann Wilkinson
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Guestbook Testimonials…

"Cara, this wheelchair is from the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hopkins, one of my neighbors. Their heirs gave it to me to donate to Gifts of Hope, Hope House, or the Allison Cancer Center. I'll tell you about the Hopkins sometime. If you happen to be in contact with Mary Collier, let her know of this donation."
Bob, Texas - 11/29/2011
"Hope this little bit helps. We wish we could give more!! We will never forget our beautiful stay at Hope House. "My God bless all of you that help put all this together. We couldn't have made it without you all."
Julian, Texas - 10/14/2011
"My thanks to you and those who make Hope House a reality for those of us who are in need of your facility. They are wonderful facilities and provided a place for me to stay and relax a bit while in Midland as Henry was having surgery and extended hospital stay and then in the Select rehab facility. I am so thankful for that provision in my time of need. please accept this check to help with the ongoing ministry that you provide."
Evelyn, Andrews, Texas - 11/3/2010
"Thank you so much. Everything is beautiful. God bless who puts this together and who runs everything so good. Again, thanks."
Julian, Texas - 10/7/2010
"This home has been such a blessing for my Mom and I as my Dad had surgery to remove a cancerous bladder. This was such a nice respite from the hospital and provided for our needs, which helped greatly ease the stress of the situation! Thank you for your welcoming arms and homelike feel. God bless you."
Nancy, Utah, Texas - 10/7/2010
"Mary and Hope House, thank you again so much for the home away from home. The HH is so very nice and comfortable. What a true blessing. We feel very loved and cared for by you. We will see you again."
Yvonne and Becky, Texas - 10/1/2010
"Mary thank you and Hope House for the 2nd time around coming to our aid. Can never tell you how much it means to us. Everyone is very special, have met a lot of new friends. May God bless you "I know he will" and hope house."
Ben and Dixie, Texas - 9/20/2010
"I have been sitting here reading all the notes that everyone has written and it is so awesome to know how everyone involved in Hope House has touched and blessed so many people, including myself. I was getting ready to have radiation and was asked by Caroline (who is an awesome nurse) and Dr. Corwin (who is great) if I was going to drive back and forth to Ft. Stockton everyday. I told them my sister and I were going to try and find a room and then they told me about Hope House and introduced me to Mary, who right away took my husband and myself to Hope House. Mary, you and everyone else here are angels sent from God. Thank you for your caring and compassion, it means so much to all of us. May God bless each of you!"
Candice, Texas - 9/18/2010
"Thank you Mary Collier and the volunteers for making my stay here very safe a home away from home while my wife was in the hospital. It was a great blessing for us. Mary you are the greatest lady we met. Thank you again and may God bless Hope House forever."
Joe and Susana, Marshall, texas - 8/13/2010
"We have truly been blessed to be given this gift of accommodation at Hope House. What a huge ease to our stress and calm to our heart and bodies to have a home away from home without worries and our focus remains on God and healing. No worries otherwise than getting better. May God's blessings remain here in this house and across the street. "
Becky, Texas - 8/6/2010
"Well, today we are going home. Pappaw died this morning. My heart is broken. But now I know he's not hurting anymore and he's with his beautiful wife (my mammaw). Ms. Mary and the entire staff at the center have been amazing. Don't know what we would've done without Ms. Mary. She's an angel. My grandpa was my best friend and at this point don't know what I'll do without him. But one thing I do know is the Lord will take care of him for me now. He was the number one man in my life and no one will ever replace him. I will carry him in my heart forever."
Tiffany, Texas - 8/3/2010
"Hope House brings the freshness of spring rains and fragrant flowers and the relief of life in troubled times. Thank you all."
Bill, Jal, New Mexico - 3/31/2010
"Thanks for all your help and support."
Tony, Alpine, Texas - 3/30/2010
"Thank you so much for providing a home away from home while we were going through this trying time in our lives. We cannot, with words, express what a blessing it has been to be able to feel the security, convenience, and comfort of a place bathed in love and prayer. God bless all who had and have a part in making Hope House possible for those of us who have been touched by cancer."
Jeneva and Raford, Big Spring, Texas - 3/8/2010
"When I came to Midland this week from southeast Texas, I had no idea I'd be here for 10 days. After staying at the hospital for an exhausting 5 days, with little sleep, the nurses suggested that my mom and I go to the Hope House. What an amazing gift that was. This lovely, convenient, and peaceful place has made all the difference for us as we care for my dad. Thank you for this amazing ministry you are providing. We pray that you are always able to continue to bless families as you have ours this week. God bless each of you who support the Hope House."
Dianne, Lamberton, Texas - 2/15/2010
"Dealing with accepting cancer is not an easy thing, but having Hope House to provide some peace and comfort makes it a little easier. This is a great facility which is kept going by the work and efforts of many people, keep up the great work and never forget that we as guests here will always be grateful. May the Lord keep and bless each and every one of the volunteers and especially Mary."
Moe. Ft. Davis, Texas - 11/12/2009
"What a blessed place to rest my head - when the winds of time have worn me down. But, to be picked up by a kind word or deed in the middle of my hour of need - Hope came and held my hand - Thank you."
Sandi, Texas - 9/9/2009
"Mary, I was here the day your plan for a new larger Hope House was approved. That's exciting news! I see how very popular this place is and know what a demand there is for services like these. Less than a week ago I was dreading the ordeal I was facing, but after three days here I'm already looking forward to my next visit. It's not just the wonderful accommodations you provide but also the really nice, friendly, understanding and up-beat guests you have here that make Hope House such a haven. Sharing this makes me feel lucky and hopeful. I hope your new place will be just as cozy, warm, welcoming, and homelike as this one. And I hope the official movers and shakers in the city know how lucky they are to have you at the helm and will let you do it right. Thanks to you and all your helpers who give so much to so many."
Caroline, Terlingua, Texas - 7/28/2009
"This house - a house of support, of comradery, of bonding, and all the love and hope one needs to get well, both mentally and physically. Guess what, it really works. You all who contribute to this great feat are to be commended. Thanks to all and most to the Great Father."
Sam and Jackie, Marathon, Texas - 7/14/2009
"We want to thank everyone that has anything to do with the Hope House. This has been a trying time but you guys make things easier. From just listening to us to eating the wonderful wonderful baked goods every Tuesday morning. Mary you are a real "ANGEL". God has blessed you with such a caring heart and love for everyone who walks through these doors. We pray that all of this will continue to grow and be there for other's as you've been there for us in so many ways. Love and prayers to all."
Jerry and Denice, Texas - 6/20/2009
"Thank you very much for the help. I have been able to rest and feel safe the five weeks I have been here. Thanks again."
Bobby, Alpine, Texas - 3/26/2009
"Hi, my name is Tresa Mois and I am from Alpine. I have been coming here since October 08. The Hope House has truly helped with the great financial burden one faces when dealing with cancer. However, as much help as it was, it doesn't compare to the Hope, Faith, Godliness, and comfort this house offers. Both through the Hope House itself and the patients, like myself, who stay here. Of course, anyone who stays here knows Mary Collier and her wondrous God filled Grace. God has also blessed this house with terrific volunteers, like the beautiful woman that works tirelessly to bring home baked goodies every Tuesday; let's not forget Wendy, the self-proclaimed laundry lady. Wendy, you are so much more, love flows from you as it does from Mary! Finally, I will never forget Ruth Ann Wilkerson who took it upon herself to ease the burden of those of us who found ourselves having to travel. I wish Ruth Ann would have lived long enough to see the impact she has made. It is her presence in this house, along with God's presence that makes the Hope House what it is. God bless you all."
Tresa, Alpine, Texas - 3/12/2009
"We want to thank each of you that is associated with the House of Hope. The house is a blessing to all that come through the door. Each of us have the peace of mind and the blessings from above. Our five weeks have been a blessing here. The wonderful people we have met and visited with. Our prayers and thoughts will always be with you. We will spread the word to all we meet about the House of Hope. Mary thank you for all you do. God bless each of you."
Bill and Betty, Del Rio, Texas - 11/21/2008
"What a wonderful place! Hope House gave me faith again in the human spirit. The beauty of this house, the many little comforts and the spirit of community is a breath of fresh air in a troubled world. My mother and I felt so welcomed and refreshed by our lovely hostess Mary and our darling room. How can I say thank you? Those words seem inadequate. May God bring blessings to all who come here, whether to heal or to help. We thank you."
Laura, Texas - 11/9/2008
"Thank you for Hope House and your work there, Mary. You have created a refuge , filled with love and hope. Staying here is a privilege I feel humbled to accept. Keep up the good work. Patients and their families have benefited from your dedication and love."
Jane, Texas - 11/6/2008
"Hope House...home away from home! Thank you, a million times, thank you. God bless and provide all that this sanctuary needs to continue to provide such a wonderful peaceful setting for patients and their families."
Gloria, Texas - 10/10/2008
"It's August 22, 2008 and I'm still alive and "kicking". Hope to add another note like this one a year from now."
Brady, Ft. Davis, Texas - 8/22/2008
"Thanks so very much for letting us stay in this house. It is a very nice place to stay and all the people we met are very nice. We enjoyed being here. May God bless each and every one of you."
Josie, Texas - 8/15/2008
"Since I live out of town the "Hope House" was a Godsend. Thank all those that make places like this possible and God bless Mary for her generosity and dedication. Our accommodations were great and will tell anyone I know that needs a place to stay in Midland during times about Mary and her Hope House. The people here are just great. God bless you all."
Linda, Robert Lee, Texas - 6/12/2008
"Tom and I as well as Betty, Daniel, and Tracy appreciate all of your kindness, caring, and support above and beyond our imagination! Hope House is indeed a blessing."
Gretchen, Marfa, Texas - 6/11/2008
"Hello everyone - I have been staying here since the end of April after being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. The Hope House has been a life saver. We have to travel 300 miles for treatment and if it wasn't for the Hope House I don't know what we would do. I have met so many people while staying here. The volunteers are just wonderful. So if you or any family members are going through an illness just remember the Hope House will always be there for you. So take care and God bless you."
Kimberly, Texas - 5/22/2008
"While visiting the Evaro family from Pecos, we found them to be comfortable and grateful for what your home has done for them. May the Lord help and guide you as you help other families that come along. Homes like this and people involved with it give us hope in human kind. Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you."
Amparo, Texas - 5/7/2008
"The morning started off with bad news of a sick family member who will pass on in a few days. My parents are both taking treatments for cancer in Kentucky where they reside. I have worried about not telling them that my own cancer has returned as they are elderly. Then I arrived at "Hope House"! I've suddenly felt a burden being lifted from my shoulders. I sat out in the courtyard this evening and prayed, then came in and called my parents. They knew something was up!! Instead of my bad news I told them about "Hope House and Mary". They are grateful that I am here since they are so far away. Thank you Mary for all that you and your staff do for folks like me and many others. May God bless you and keep you."
Anonymous, Alpine, Texas - 4/21/2008
"I was treated with a radioactive iodine for my thyroid cancer on Wednesday the 26th of March. Needing a place to stay once released I was referred to the Hope House. My cancer diagnosis wasn't easy on me. A new mom 11/01/07 and still breastfeeding meant I would have to ween my baby prematurely. I've been angry about this and at God because I felt he should know how much this means to me. I've come to value and finally accept a lot of things today, and especially reading these previous entries that truly things happen for a reason and I am not alone and God knows and is here with me during this. He'll heal my pain of having to give up breastfeeding so early and he'll use me because of it. My cancer is very treatable and I don't feel worthy of being a "cancer survivor" because so many other truly are the survivors but during my duration of cancer I've begun to learn to hope and I know and I know the Hope House is just an affirmation of that. My husband has been a great strength during this. I am a mother of two, 3yr old Emma Grace and almost 5 month old Kayla Hope."
Faith, Big Spring, Texas - 3/28/2008
"Mary, we thank you so much for giving us a helping hand when we needed it so much. May God bless you everyday of your life, let's hope this house keeps open for people that really need it. The first day we came we were scared and confused, but then here was lots of peace and faith in God. Again, thank you Mary for being so Nice to us."
J., Texas - 2/24/2008
"We want to thank every one that works so hard to make things so nice for those who stay here. Thanks really isn't a big enough word. Unless you have been through having a loved one sick you will never know how much this means to us."
Billy and Betty, Texas - 2/14/2008
"Thanks so much to Hope House and you angels of Hope House. You have given us hope and comfort. Larry was dealing with lung cancer in Dec. 07. Lots of wonderful people have made it easier to accept the burden cancer has placed on our lives. Hope House is a large part. Thank you all."
Larry and Linda, Ft. Davis, Texas - 2/1/2008
"And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this." Esther 4:14 ...Although my visit to Hope House was not as a patient staying over, I had the cherished opportunity to tour the facility several days age and am compelled to write as a former patient and member of the Texas Oncology Family. My message is that of encouragement to you who are patients, now you are among the most gifted and blessed caretakers, and of praise to you on the staff, for not only did you save my life but you showed me so much love, respect, dignity, and empathy along the way. I was diagnosed with Hodekins Disease in the spring of 1989 and my treatment consisted of 6 months of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation. At the age of 14 my biggest concerns were the possibility of losing my hair (which I didn't) and the possibility of not getting to stay near my friends while enduring treatment. My mother wanted to go to MD Anderson for the duration of my treatment; a major cancer treatment center, to her, meant much better odds. To me, however, leaving Midland meant leaving my extracurricular activities and my home. I couldn't bear the thought of being in that environment. I saw it a daunting, intimidating, sterile, cold, and lonely; the thought of it alone made me feel more sick than I perceived myself to be. Luckily for me, my parents had already met the incredible staff at Texas Oncology - and it speaks volumes today that patients are travelling to Midland to have their treatment right here. Having visited Hope House only briefly, I felt the same warmth - nothing short of God's comforting embrace that is characteristic of Texas Oncology and Allison Cancer Center. It's incredible. How lucky we are to have it - and how lucky you are to be here! I mentioned that I visited the Hope House this weekend. After our tour, Mary hugged me, prayed, and told me what I have know to be true ever since God brought me back to Midland after my divorce 3 years ago. "God healed you," she said, "for such a time as this." Indeed, I am back in Midland working with old friends to raise money and awareness for this blessed cancer center and the cancer patients and survivors. There isn't a place now more dear to my heart. If you are a patient, you probably already know what I learned over fifteen years ago - you are in the right place because God is in this place. And how lucky you are to now be able to spend the night. God bless you. P.S. Mary, you are an angel!"
J. Lynn, Midland, Texas - 12/17/2007
"Bye Mary - thanks so much for all your cheerful and able assistance during this awful "challenging" time. Suffering and tribulation are supposed to help us grow but this strikes me as more than a little extreme. Not the way I would have chosen but then few things are. Hope House is a terrific idea - one of the main reasons we came to Midland for treatment. You've done a terrific job. Many thanks and God bless."
Kathy, Texas - 11/16/2007
"Words, of course, cannot express such deep feelings as are in my mind and heart as I share this note of thanks for those of you who are responsible for providing a place like the Hope House. What a fantastic idea - especially when there is such a crying need - for a place where cancer patients and their families can stay!! I have been so favorably impressed by those of you connected to this residence as well as those connected to the Allison Cancer Center; it seems as though all of you have a deep understanding and appreciation for the physical and emotional pain that patients and their families go through. Providing a place like the Hope House helps us to deal with all of this immediately. I realize now that I've started writing that I could go on for several more pages but I will spare the reader. I will simply say - thank you and thank God."
Ed and Kathy, Alpine, Texas - 11/15/2007
"To Mary and everyone involved in the operation of the Hope House: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You all are God's Angels! A blessing - we will never forget your generosity and hospitality, This place and you al have made a big difference in our lives. "We will give back at one time or another!" In the meantime, may the Lord bless you and reward you."
Petra, Pecos, Texas - 10/31/2007
"On the 22nd of Oct. we received good news after a real good nights sleep here at the Hope House. Every one is so nice and wanting to help us in every way. We know God will bless those who work here and those who stay here."
Billy and Betty, Texas - 10/22/2007
"This 'Hope House' is a great blessing for us. It gave us hope when we didn't have any. Mary is the greatest lady we have met here in Midland. This house is a blessing to all who comes from out of town for cancer treatments. We have a place to rest. May God help Mary and all the wonderful volunteers keep this 'Hope House' going strong. We have met many wonderful people here. Thank you a lot for this blessing 'Hope House' and for giving us hope."
Rosa and Frank, Texas - 10/5/2007
"Thank everyone for the hospitality to my family during our stay while my mother (Dixie) was recovering from surgery for a 5-way bypass and Ben During his cancer treatments. This is truly a help to all that have to endure these types of hurdles in life. It is really a blessing. To Mary Collier: You deserve Lady of the Year Award for all you do for Midland Texas. Hope House and Mary, thank you very much and God bless you all."
Mike and Charlie, Texas - 9/16/2007
"No hoy palabras para expresar mi gratitud a la "Casa de la Esperanza" (Hope House) Muchas gracias a Maria y a tulos los que ole buena Manera me brindaron la mano durante mi convalecencia Dios los vendiga a Todas. Durante mi estancia en esta casa mi senti en paz conmigo mismo. 1/2 rehabilitado le doy gracias a Dios."
Jose, Texas - 9/9/2007
"Just want to thank each person that makes the Hope House available for those needing a place to stay. I stayed their with my daughter Kathy Stanford from May 15th to June 15th. I'm sorry I can't give more to help at this time. There is no need to send thanks or envelopes for more giving as I brought some home with me and will give as I can. Thanks again."
Helen, Texas - 9/7/2007
"No words can express my gratitude to the Hope House, Mary Collier, and many volunteers. I have been at the Hope House from day one of my radiation treatment. My days here have been very peaceful and enjoyable. My family is very pleased and I myself can't express what my stay here has meant for me. I've met a lot of friends that relate to our illness. Thank God for good people like the people at the Hope House. Thank you so much for all the support during the loss of my son Gabriel. He would be very grateful too. Bev, Wendy, and Mary what would I do without you great women. I have leaned to admire your great personalities. I will forever be in debt for all you did for me! I know that I will always have you all in my heart. My family and myself are very very grateful for everything. Thank you again."
Hortensia, Fort Stockton, Texas - 8/9/2007
"This is a wonderful facility - a miracle - and I'm deeply grateful to stay here. Thank you to all of those kind, generous people who make it possible."
Dorothy, Texas - 8/6/2007
"Where do I even begin, first and foremost I thank the Lord for the many, many blessings and prayers he has answered for my husband and myself. Thank you Mary Collier and all the volunteers you give people like us who need a place we can call home. It is so wonderful to have a place to go and rest. I've met so many wonderful people here and at the hospital. Everyone at the Hope House is family. We all care about each other. I pray everyday that Jesus will use me for a blessing for someone else. I pray Jesus will always bless the Hope House and all the people who have given so much of themselves to help people like us. Thank you."
Cindy, Ft. Davis, Texas - 8/3/2007
"Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for people from out of town who would find it almost impossible to afford having for 5 or 6 weeks. Hope House is truly a home-away-from-home because Mary and volunteers make you truly feel at home. Because of that, the burden of the illness is lessened and that is one less worry to fret about. Our sincere thanks and blessings on everyone involved in running Hope House. May God bless each and every one of you."
Pete and Catalina, Texas - 6/19/2007
"Thanks to the staff and all involved to making the Hope House happen. I could not have been able to get the treatment I've needed without it. God bless you all and a big thank you."
Kathryne, Texas - 6/14/2007
"I don't know how to begin to tell you how my journey through a diagnosis of cancer has been blessed by such wonderful people. Because Mary told us of the Hope House and I made it my home through a week of radiation, the entire experience has been so positive. Many thanks to John Crosby for the delicious sweet breads, and to Mary for the supper of potato casserole and salad. My daughter Judy is trying to figure out how it was made! Everything in the Hope House has been so lovingly put together, that I know God had a hand in it and we surely felt blessed to be here. Everything at the Allison Cancer Center is so well run and the staff are so kind and professional. I loved all the beautiful art work and the black and white kitty by the name of Sylvester. I have heard the saying that "God has no hands but our hands". I pray God's blessing on all who created Hope House and who keep it running so beautifully! Thank you God! Bless all who stay within it's walls and anoint your blessings. Thank you Jesus!"
Wanneta, Alpine, Texas - 4/26/2007
"I have been here once before at the end of 2006, I have returned to complete this journey of trials that have been laid before me. My stay will be 8 to 9 weeks. I am all alone when it comes to family, but not in new friends! I touched base with God here and he has touched me back with warm love. Thanks to Mary Collier, her friends, family, and her loving T.L.C. I feel safe knowing that I am in good hands. I will give one last entry at the end of my stay to let all who read and put their own entries here how I fair. I am dying but my life has never had so much life! Thanks to you Mary!"
Nikkye, Fort Stockton, Texas - 3/18/2007
"Thank you all at Hope House. I couldn't have asked for more. Will be seeing everyone."
Chris, Texas - 3/9/2007
"Hope House, thank you so much for letting me and my mom stay here while I get my treatments. I really appreciate it. Y'all are the best and I thank God for this wonderful blessing y'all have passed to us. Thank you all. So very much."
Elizabeth, Texas - 2/20/2007
"Thanks be to the Lord. Mary - thank you for the goodies. We appreciate the use of "The Hope House". It will be wonderful after the major renovations."
Kerr and Mary, Marfa, Texas - 2/20/2007
"The Hope House has really been a blessing for me and my husband. This is a place you have all the comfort of home. Mary Collier is a wonderful lady, one of God's angels. She always checks to make sure we are comfortable along with many others. Someone baked goodies and dropped them off. We have met so many wonderful people here. I thank God for his blessings, even when things don't always go as planned. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; who redeameth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with loving kindness and tender mercies. God is good all of the time. May his blessings continue in this house. "The Hope House"."
Robert and Dorothy, San Angelo, Texas - 2/3/2007
"Mary, thank you so much, your light does radiate. If you're like me and not too fond of hospitals the Hope House is a golden nugget in this winding stream you find yourself traveling. In our busy lives we don't often think of those that take the time to care. When I first looked at all the crosses I sort of shook my head but when you see the one above the radiation table it all makes sense. There are many people behind this experience I will never meet but thank you from the bottom of my heart."
John, Fort Stockton, Texas - 1/10/2007
"What a pleasant and comforting experience my niece and I have had here at the Hope House. I spent two hours yesterday morning kneeling in a beautiful multi-million sanctuary of a nearby church. God and I talked and I felt his presence. But you know what? I can do the same thing here at Hope House. God and the comfort and grace that he has to offer for the asking are truly present here. For folks like us who are seeking either healing or an easy transition, Mary Collier and her wonder staff of volunteers deserve sainthood. The table in the kitchen has never been without home-baked cookies, breads, and other goodies. People come and go all day. First we talk and then we pray. And I know that God hears. Wherever his plan for my life holds, I freely accept it. All I ask is that He help me through the hard parts. And that's where Hope House comes in. This modest but wonderful place helps get me out of the valley and onto the mountain. And for the commercial. Not a dime is ever expected from the patients to support this place. But please read the brochure on the table in the living room and, if you are able, make a donation. Nothing is too small and, hay: it's tax deductible. May God's blessings continue to rain upon this place."
Brady, Ft. Davis, Texas - 12/8/2006
"Irene Schoening has stayed here at Hope House 3 times. I have felt so at ease and restful. My husband has been so good to be with me. Hope House is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to people with cancer. Again, thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving Mary, Bev, and everyone. God bless. Will be back in the first part of Dec."
Irene, Ft. Davis, Texas - 11/23/2006
"Irene Schoening has stayed here at Hope House 3 times. I have felt so at ease and restful. My husband has been so good to be with me. Hope House is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to people with cancer. Again, thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving Mary, Bev, and everyone. God bless. Will be back in the first part of Dec."
Irene, Ft. Davis, Texas - 11/23/2006
"Where do I begin - this is the day of the last radiation treatment. I have been here 6 1/2 weeks. This place has been a home away from home with all the comforts of home. I have been blessed. I can feel the love of God here through Mary Collier and Bev with their ever ready hugs and smiles as well as all the volunteers. I am so thankful to God that someone had a dream for this place. I pray God's blessing both spiritually and physically for everyone who comes here. I know that God will bless each of the volunteers and this organization as they continue to grow because this is a place where you can feel the love of God. God bless each and every one who is a part of this place. I have made so many new friends. I pray that god will heal all who come her both physically and spiritually - my words seem so inadequate to express how much I have been blessed by all who I have been privileged to meet. I love you all. If any one of you need or want to contact me please call 432-445-7095"
Murlene, Pecos, Texas - 11/14/2006
"Stayed for 11-8-06 to 11-9-06. Stayed one time before . Murlene is so very nice. Very nice to be around. Very impressed with the Hope House. Daughter came with me this time from Indianapolis IN. Sue Ann Cole 11-22-23"
Irene, Ft. Davis, Texas - 11/9/2006
"My name is Mrs. Cunningham of Ft. Stockton Texas. My life changed the moment I was told of my cancer. It changed once more the day I met Mary Collier. The doctors saved my life! Mary saved my soul! I've lost everything, family, home, job, vehicle, pets, and even my children. Life? Short-n-sweet or long-n-sour? I have begun my journey towards freedom of living. Hope House has kept me fed, clothed, and warm, but not only materially but spiritually. Belief and love. If I was a painter and painted a portrait of Mary it would show a silhouette of the Lord blessing her upon the forehead! Love you Mary!"
Nikkye, Fort Stockton, Texas - 11/7/2006
"Guest of Murlene Godfrey. I am very impressed with everything. Murlene's sister from Levelland Texas."
Kate, Levelland, Texas - 10/16/2006
"Stayed from September 25 through October 7th."
Gail, Ft. Davis, Texas - 10/7/2006
"I can't find words to thank Mary and Bev for being so nice and kind. Hope House has been a great comfort for me and my wife home away from home. And thanks for the volunteers who brought us the delicious desserts. And thanks to Dr. Manley for being so nice to us. May God bless each and every one of you."
Armando and Eloise, Pecos, Texas - 9/28/2006
"This is the final week of my 6 week stay for radiation. I will return over the next few months for further treatment but maybe not to this HOME! I grew up in Midland but have not had family or a home here in 10 years. Hope House gave me the opportunity to see old friends again. The volunteers have been so kind and caring - wanting to talk about normal life and everyday things. I have always felt that had I felt the need to voice my fears and worries they would have been here to listen. I know they have been comforting and understanding, even though these fears were left unspoken. For Mary, Bev, and Anne: I don't think "Thank You" is adequate. You kept my mind busy on positive thoughts and allowed me to do the things that I enjoy and talk about the people and things I love the most. You have been sweet to my visiting friends and made them feel welcome. You create such a wonderful feeling in this house - putting the best face possible on what potentially could be just a sad and lonely experience. I hope you live the most blessed lives!! For everything you have done thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you."
Evelyn, Texas - 9/5/2006
"Another gratifying stay at the Hope House. All of my personal needs were taken care of as usual. Many thanks to all staff."
Gail, Ft. Davis, Texas - 8/2/2006
"At the very beginning of my new adventure back in April of this year my mother and I were alone. We were having to drive back and forth to Fort Stockton were we live to Odessa, Midland, and Big Spring. We were having to pay out of pocket for room and board, medicine, doctors, gas, and any other expenses you could think of. About a month ago we happen to run into our godsend Mary. She has helped us with everything we need and much more. Mary and Bev and especially Ruth will remain in my mother's and my hearts forever."
Kaci, Fort Stockton, Texas - 7/22/2006
"Last night was the first time in a very long time that I felt like I could relax and not have to worry about taking care of everyone. That may be the best gift Hope House could have given me. Since my daughter Kaci was diagnosed with lymphoma it has been hard all the way around but this group of beautiful volunteers have done for me exactly what the name of the house implies; given me "Hope" and faith in people. I know in my heart that God gave us a lot of living angels when he made all of you."
JoLea, Fort Stockton, Texas - 7/22/2006
"I really can't find the words to thank Mary and Bev for being so understanding, kind, and sweet. Lately, I've felt so down and sad that a hug is more than a blessing and Bev has been there for me with a great, huge hug. Hope House has been a great comfort for both of us. The colorful throw pillows, the darling paintings have given me a positive outlook on my condition and my mind has gone back to many of the happy places I've been through the years."
Martha, Fort Stockton, Texas - 7/16/2006
"Thank you Hope House for your wonderful hospitality again. I really appreciate it."
Gail, Ft. Davis, Texas - 6/15/2006
"Damos gracias a Dios y a todas las personas que nos brindaron su ryuda economica y moralmente dandonos alojamiento en esta casa para mi recuperacion de mi radiacion de cancer les desamos a todas que Dios los llene de bendiciones es nuestra agradecimiento infinito por su apoyo"
Murillo, Texas - 6/9/2006
"Most of my career was spent working for the public. In over 45 years I have never experienced an operation such as Hope House. It's volunteer, it costs nothing, and it's offered with unconditional care and love. Maybe it's just this group of volunteers but I have felt a the whole experience was so personal and every patient has expressed the same comments. After my first day here it became my home. Someone would check on me most everyday. The care and professionalism at the clinic and Hope House has given me a real gift and turned a terrible fright into an every day casual thing. May all of your never have a bad day and receive God's benevolence."
Fred, Texas - 6/2/2006
"Another wonderful stay at the Hope House. A bedroom to sleep, living room for rest and entertainment and a fully equipped kitchen for eating. It's just like home away from home. Mary Collier and volunteers keep the home in pleasant condition. It is always a pleasure to know that we cancer patients have a wonderful place to stay while we receive our treatment. God bless you all."
Gail, Ft. Davis, Texas - 5/25/2006
"Midland Hope House angels helped my husband and I carry on a normal and happy life. We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and my husband's 78th birthday on March 23rd at the Hope House. The staff and volunteers of the Hope House celebrated with us by coming by with a birthday cake and continuously brought home baked breads, cookies, and cakes which was a wonderful treat. My husband enjoyed the visits and treats even though he had taken treatments for two days before his birthday. I feel like my husband's experienced more healing by staying at the House of Hope. The Hope House was a great relieving, peaceful, and restful place for me because it was more like a vacation home. At the Hope House we experienced the spirit of peace, love, warmth, closeness, respite, and healing. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for guiding us to the House of Respite and Healing where we found angels that took us under their wings to help us fly again. We appreciate everything you all did."
Gail and Lorenza, Ft. Davis, Texas - 3/23/2006
"Ruth Ann's heavenly birthday."
Gary and Kelly and Chris and Aaron, Texas - 2/16/2006
"Just a few words to say our appreciation of the Hope House and all the wonderful people involved with this home. There is no place like home and this is home. Thank you all very much and may God continue to bless this house and everyone involved here."
John and Rita, Texas - 2/15/2006
"Note from the housekeeper: On my drive here, about 20 miles, I thought about all the people I could count - you know how fickle memory is - the people I've known that struggled with the healing of cancer. I like this book of thankfulness and warmth. It brought closer to me those I love that made the choice to walk in the light of this God-given-life as opposed to those that refuse the warmth. I pray while I clean and wait for these towels to spin - for that power that causes endurance and that you find the only source in the returning King of Kings - Jesus."
Shaun, Texas - 1/9/2006
"Yes, I am back to stay in my "home away from home." The warmest of the Hope House is accomplishing what was intended - to reduce some of the stress inherent to having cancer. The last thing a cancer patient needs to worry about is where he is going to stay while dealing with this disease."
Mike, Alpine, Texas - 1/6/2006
"It has truly been a blessing to stay in this wonderful home. Everyone involved has been so helpful and loving and we have felt very much "at home." Our heartfelt thanks to all who have made Hope House possible. What a wonderful testimony of God's love. You are all angels!"
Yvonne and R.S., Hobbs, NM - 12/26/2005
"This is truly a "Home-Away-From-Home". It is this type of encouragement that helps me heal. Thanks to all the people that teamed together to make the Hope House a reality. The genuine kindness, caring attitude, and love for those that have cancer issues remains a testament to the quality of people that live in Midland, Texas. God bless each of you and the Hope House."
Mike, Alpine, Texas - 12/14/2005
"This is excellent for people who live out of town."
Dan, Alpine, Texas
"Very comfortable and quiet. Beautiful place. So thankful for Hope House."
Janet, Texas
"We are so thankful to everyone who made it possible for us to stay here. God bless everyone involved with the Hope House. It is quite a life save. THANKS TO ALL!!!"
Michael and Kitty, Ft. Davis, Texas
"This "Lady" who gave her home to all of us in need, has all our blessings and am sure, more than sure, she found heaven. My mom; Elisa Shipman, stayed in the Hope House for 6 weeks radiation and the people here gave her the most wonderful welcome. She said, "I felt right at home." They also found her a volunteer place at the Beauty Shop so she wouldn't feel sad and it made a huge difference in her recuperation. She needed to be needed like the patients that like her had the need to tell someone her fears, emotions, and could communicate her own story to people that like her and the cancer she experienced gave her an incentive to see she wasn't the only one who needed help and bless these volunteers and doctors and friends who give their time, money, and love so freely that it takes more than a thank you to be able to repay all they gave to my mom. God bless you all from the deepest place in our hearts."
Virginia, Texas
"This house is a Godsend. Enjoyable stay. Great house mates."
John and Flora, Alpine, Texas
"Thank you."
Pat, Texas
"Thanking Doctor Corwen and his great staff for helping Mary Hale in those 5 days."
Raymond, Brownwood, Texas
"Thanks for letting us stay. We enjoyed it. John and Flora's granddaughter."
Nicole, Texas
"Thanks for so much. It is so good to see so much good."
Kathryn and Bryan, Pecos, Texas
"Thanks so much - comfortable bads and very convenient. Thanks for the savings."
John, Texas
"Thanks so much for all your wonderful care and a lovely place to stay with no problems. It means a lot to me, with no problems. "
Juanita, Brownwood, Texas
"Thanks so much for the hospitality. Every single person I have been in contact with has been extremely nice and cordial. Thanks so much."
Robert, Texas
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for cancer patients. Thanking your support. The usage of a homelike environment has made this trying time much more copeable to deal with. God bless you all!!"
Janet, Texas
"Thank you so much for a safe and comfortable place to rest our heads. It is so nice to know that when my husband comes back he'll feel like he's at home. May God bless you all."
Lori and Raul, Alpine, Texas
"Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in this very special place awhile. All has been pleasant and very accommodating. May God bless you and this home to be able to help other families like ours."
Josie, Texas
"Thank you so much for your unparalleled hospitality and graciousness. You epitomize the meaning of goodness. God bless always."
Walt, Texas
"Thank you so much. This meant more than you'll ever know!"
Frank, Texas
"Thank you so very much for this beautiful safe haven. May God bless each and everyone that made this place possible. It is so comforting to know that you have a special place to stay and feel as your at home. My prayers go out to each and everyone that contribute to such a wonderful cause."
Domenga, Andrews, Texas
"Your generosity means so much to our entire family. Thank you for enabling us to have a wonderful visit with our father. The Hope House truly is a special place. P.S. - Your dedication to the charity work you do really sets you apart from the pack. Thank you."
Tracy and Daniel, Texas
"What a beautiful home and what a gracious hostess. Elizabeth has been so kind and considerate to us in accommodating my special needs. This Gift of Hope Foundation, Inc. is literally my life saver. Without you I could never afford lodging for myself and my caregivers for two months of treatments. Thank you again for being so special in my life for these past 8 years. May God bless you one and all."
Brady, Ft. Davis, Texas
"We thank you all so very much for your prayers and a place to stay. Feb. 17th George went home to be with Jesus about 9pm."
Bonnie, Texas
"Mary, we want to thank you for all you do. I'm sure we'll be talking to you more in the next 6-7 weeks. We appreciate you letting us park the M.H."
Jerry and Denice, Texas
"Mary, you are an amazing woman! The work you are doing is blessing so many with the grace of God. My mother is so thankful and proud of you and the Hope House! Words cannot express my gratitude for your determination, selflessness, and faith. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please give each family a gift from us and the other gifts are for the house. We wish we could do more and I will be on the ball again soon!"
Candice, Texas
"May God always keep his hand on all who enter Hope house. If it wasn't for Hope House I wouldn't have been able to have treatment. What a wonderful thing that the founder did with her short life. With the time she had, she gave to many. May God always bless all who keep her dream alive.From my heart, thanks."
Jerry, Texas
"Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and kindness in giving us a comfortable, convenient place to stay."
John and David, Alpine, Texas
"Mrs. Collier, thank you very much, this gave me a chance to meet some wonderful people. I am praying for all of the cancer patients. Thank God for all of the help they are receiving from people like you. I need to see my doctor, I am hurting very bad. May the good Lord bless you and yours. Thanks again."
Thelma, Texas
"My home is in the Big Bend Country very far from anything, except the Rio Grande and Mexico, and even farther from good medical facilities. Thus I like most South Brewster County residents end up in Odessa/Midland for medical care. When I learned that I would need periodic treatment - three days on, 11 days off - over a long period of time, I was considering the daunting prospect of going to my sons' homes in East Texas cities for the duration. I love being there for short visits when I feel strong, healthy, happy, and authoritative. But under these circumstances, my soul needed my beloved "god-forsaken" desert and West Texas skies. At the most opportune moment, I was told about the Hope House and my dilemma dissolved in an instant. I could continue my treatment in Odessa, spend three nights at the Hope House in Midland, and then make the 5-hour drive home to Terlingua for 11 days respite. The Hope House is for cancer patients and their families who live far away and need a place to stay while in the area for treatment. But it is far more than a place to stay! It is a wonderful, inviting, comfortable, clean house with more amenities than are in my own home. Mary Collier, the thoughtful and hospitable hostess, is also a patient counselor at hospitals in Midland and Odessa and a well-informed and capable organizer where the needs of the community are concerned. Services such as these are in much demand throughout the country. Odessa and Midland are foresighted in planning and providing them and will benefit from the patronage of those who will have to look no further when deciding where to go for care."
Caroline, Terlingua, Texas
"Norma's purpose in life was to serve those in need. She did her job well. Love you Norma!"
Diane, Texas
"A song "I Have Hope" Chorus: I have hope when troubles come my way, I have hope since Jesus has come to stay I have hope oh yes when things are not well with me, I have hope such a beautiful hope that sets me free. 1: The darkest night is just before the dawn, and the hardest part I know is just to keep holding on, when I get weary so weary and each hill is so hard to climb, I just keep the faith try not to doubt, the Lord will be on time. 2: Now Jesus said "Won't you come unto me" if you're oppressed, you know He'll give you liberty. When you come to the end of your life, just keep the faith don't you ever doubt, the Lord will be on time."
Anonymous, Texas
"Angels all around."
Mary, Texas
"Dear Fatima, just wanted yo let you know that my father passed away last night. We cleaned the room and decided to return to Fort Stockton. We would like to request that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Hope House. I'll call tomorrow to make sure I have the info correct. Thanks for the lovely place to stay."
Torry, Texas
"Dear Gift of Hope you have no idea how much this gift meant to me. I don't have enough words to express my feelings. Sorry for being a little late, I have been home healing after surgery. You will forever be in my prayers. Bless all who made this possible. Thank you with all my heart!"
Enedina, Midland, Texas
"Dear Hope House thank God for helping my dad get better. His brothers are there to help."
Chelsea, Texas
"Don't know how we would have made it without this caring place with it's availability to adapt to the changing scheduling of treatment programs and unexpected changes of doctor visits. Knowing we had a place was a comfort and a great stress relief. Bless you all and this place."
Barbara and James, Texas
"Elizabeth, please express our gratitude to the generous and thoughtful Midlanders who provide for and support Hope House. We thank you for your service to this most comfortable and convenient - and beautiful - "home away from home" for cancer patients. We are most grateful for your kindness to us."
Bill and Loyce, Texas
"Fatima, thank you for your concern and support during our stay at Hope House. What a beautiful, comfortable, and convenient place provided by generous, thoughtful Midlanders! We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time there while undergoing treatment."
Bill and Loyce, Texas
"Fatima, thank you! You are an angel in earthly attire. You listen, you have good advice, you are knowledgeable, you are encouraging, you are a great sister, and we love you!"
Leroy and Michelle, Texas
"Fatima, we have moved all our stuff out and cleaned our room. The bed that is made is all clean, the other linens are in your dryer. Thank you so much for everything. If you have any questions or concerns please call me."
Michelle, Texas
"Fatima, you are a great caring director."
Bill, Brownwood, Texas
"For my brother's attention given, his struggle through these times has greatly improved our faith, not just in family but through God. Thank you to Hope House for the generosity given, not just to my brother but to all you have assisted in the past. May God bless you all."
C., Texas
"God bless the Hope House! We are in our 80's and we don't get around like we used to. Coming to a strange town we're not familiar with and having a nice place to stay is wonderful. We thank God for blessing us and pray his blessings on the people that stay here and for the special people that provide this home away from home. Thank you very much."
Wally and Brit, Eunice, New Mexico
"God has blessed this home and given it to the world. Now it is in part up to us all to keep it running smoothly for others with our prayers and financial support however possible. Thank you Midland-Odessa-Family of Hope Inc. and bless you Mary Collier. This house is a miracle come to life. God loves you all and we can't possibly thank you enough - ever."
David, Texas
"Hey Gail! I enjoyed the visit we had while I cleaned - put you and your lovely wife on my Sunday school prayer list - hope your days are sweeter and your body stronger."
Shaun, Texas
"I have (had, I hope - a very important concept) a somewhat aggressive form of prostate cancerf. The hope is that God working through the doctors, or by other means of His choosing will deal with this. There is very little that I can do on my own: on the whole, I can follow orders and quit worrying. Worry can be a useful thing if it keeps one from leaving the computer running when it shouldn't be, but it is very easy to overdo, and it gets between me and the rest of the world, to no good end. Margaret and I have projects into which we already have put a lot of effort. We need to finish these, and move on to other interesting work. We are busier than before we retired, but busy together, rather than apart. We feel that we can go on for many years, working together, able to break into the work at any time to lend a helping hand when we can. Through the kindness of strangers many miles from our home, the Hope House, it's volunteers, and the seemingly tireless Mary Collier, have made a stressful (worry of a not-so-useful sort does creep in) stay in Midland, so very much more pleasant. The Hope House is a wonderful facility, whose resources are offered lovingly to the people an extensive geographic region."
Jim and Margaret, Texas
"I will never forget the opportunity you afforded us to spend my father's last days with him."
Debra, Texas
"I'd like to thank everyone for their support, all doctors, nurses, all staff involved. I'm so glad that there is a wonderful place like the Hope House. It's more than just a place to stay but just a place of wellbeing. Thanks to Bev, Mary Collier for everything. You guys are truly angels. God bless ya. P.S. Special thanks for the mouthwash for the one who went to go get it for me. You know who you are. Thank you so much. Ruben Vega, Nora Flores, Megan Flores-Vega, Chelsea Aguilar. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. God bless."
Ruben, Texas
"In 2007, I retired after thirty years of teaching in Montana because my aging parents, who lived in Alpine, were struggling with cancer and needed my help. Over the past three years I have spent many months caring for them in Alpine. My mother, Mary Stevens, passed away last year. My father, Walter Stevens, discovered in December that his lymphoma had returned and that he would need chemotherapy if he was to survive. This meant travelling 140 miles to the West Texas Cancer Center in Odessa twice a month, with two nights in a motel each visit. When added to the expenses associated with the cancer treatment, these travel costs are a considerable burden. My father was much relieved when he was informed that the "Gifts of Hope" organization would provide free housing in the "Hope House" section of the Lincoln Towers, next to the Oncology Center. The accommodations are very comfortable, with a living room and a kitchenette where we prepare our meals. Mary Collier and all the people associated with Gifts of Hope, Inc. are so friendly and helpful. Ruth Ann Wilkinson died with colon cancer at the age of forty. Before she died in 1996, she started the Hope House, a place where patients could stay and live during their cancer treatments. Ruth Ann's vision was to provide hope for the minds, bodies, and spirits of the cancer patients and their loved ones. The Hope House serves 30 counties in the Permian Basin. Many patients like my father have to drive hundreds of miles for treatment. Gifts of Hope, Inc., is a non-profit, non-denominational community organization for cancer patients and their families. It supports patients and their caregivers by providing free lodging as well as some assistance with the cost of medications and other medical needs. Gifts of Hope, Inc. depends heavily on donations from the generous people of the Permian Basin. I am so impressed and thankful for how Gifts of Hope, Inc. has made our biweekly trips to Odessa from Alpine comfortable, affordable, and far less stressful. This very worthy organization has many expenses and it needs your support. Whether your donation is large or small, it is very appreciated and it goes a long way in helping people in crisis who have been stricken by cancer."
Polly, Three Forks, MT
"In memory of Norma. The cancer did not win! You did! You are where I want to be one day!"
Mary, Texas

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