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Cancer Support Groups

At Gifts Of Hope, we believe in fostering community. That is why we host regular support groups for those undergoing cancer treatment, living with cancer, and individuals in remission. At our welcoming and hospitable facilities, you can find community, support, and no shortage of valuable information on services and treatments most relevant to you.

Would you like to learn more about the support networks available to yourself and your loved ones? Contact the Hope House at your convenience by dialing (432) 218-8714.

Support Networks for Patients and Survivors

At the Hope House and our attached facilities, we strive to alleviate the burdens and stress that accompany a cancer diagnosis. We help individuals and families find financial assistance, we provide them with secure lodgings while they undergo treatment at nearby hospitals—and that is not all. We also host a number of group therapy sessions and support groups.

There is no reason to feel alone during times of hardship. We can introduce you to support networks that cater to the following:

  • Peer-led support groups
  • Professional-led support groups
  • Informational support groups
  • Support groups for patient’s spouses and families
  • And more

About Us

In 1996, Ruth Ann Wilkinson was diagnosed with colon cancer and lost her battle at 40. Toward the end of her life, she started a campaign to open Hope House, where cancer patients can stay and live during their treatment. The hope is to provide hope for the minds, bodies and spirits of cancer patients and their loved ones. As a result, Mary Collier, Fred Newman, and other Midlanders pooled their resources in 2004 to establish an advisory board that filed for an EIN. In 2005, Gifts of Hope began with a small advisory board. Since then, we have fought with passion to provide adequate support for those actively undergoing treatment for cancer and their loved ones.

Reap the Benefits of Support Groups

The support groups we host at our facilities are vital to the lives of countless individuals. Those who participate in these support networks unlock new ways to interpret their diagnosis, healthy ways of approaching treatment programs, and on and on. More than anything else, what they find is community. A cancer diagnosis is sometimes a frightful and isolating thing, even if you have friends and family by your side. Hearing from other people living with cancer can make your diagnosis less alienating.

In times of hardship, community is everything. Acquire strength in numbers by finding your support network.

Learn More About our Support Groups

Group therapy can be an extremely beneficial experience for cancer patients. It provides a forum for people to share their feelings and experiences openly and receive support and understanding from others going through similar situations.

If you feel it is time to connect with others facing similar hardships, please feel free to reach out to our organization. We host support groups and can connect you to several other resources. Call us at (432) 218-8714 to learn more.

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