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Cancer Treatment Financial Assistance

The costs of cancer treatment are too much for any individual to bear without assistance. In times of need, the Gifts Of Hope is here to offer assistance in ways big and small. Since 2008, we have provided financial support for patients inundated with costs related to transportation, treatments, prescriptions, lodgings, and additional medical expenses.

Look to us in your time of need. Schedule a consultation with our esteemed team by calling (432) 218-8714 at your convenience. We cannot wait to serve you.

We Help Patients Undergoing Treatment

The average cost of treatment, additional medical care, and prescription drugs for a cancer patient in America is $42,000.00 -and that is just in the first year that follows a diagnosis. For some, costs can exceed the hundreds of thousands. Even those with premium health coverage cannot find a way around many of these costs.

Thankfully, our organization is here to help ease the financial burdens associated with cancer treatment and the surrounding costs. We can help you secure financial assistance for treatment, transportation costs, temporary housing, prescription medications, and more.

Nearly Two Decades of Community Service

Longevity means a lot in our field. A ground-level organization needs the trust of medical professionals, governmental organizations, and the families of individuals actively undergoing cancer treatment. It takes time to earn that trust. Believe us when we say we have earned it.

Financial Assistance for Your Unique Needs

No two journeys are the same. Your road to recovery might differ from someone else. You might have adequate insurance that covers medical expenses, but your provider might fall short of covering the exorbitant travel and living accommodations. In times such as those, we are here to help you. We can aid you in the search for adequate coverage for your unique needs.

Some of what we can provide assistance for include:

  • Ongoing treatments
  • Medical prescriptions
  • In-patient and outpatient therapies
  • Travel costs
  • Housing and living accommodations
  • At-home care
  • Dental costs

Do you have expenses that are not listed above? Do not hesitate to reach out to our organization.

Learn More About Financial Assistance for Treatment

Do you want to ease the financial burdens associated with cancer treatment? Have travel costs become unmanageable for you and your family? Whatever your financial status and whatever stage of treatment you find yourself at, we want you to know that you can turn to us. Over the years, we have eased the financial burdens of countless individuals and their families. We are confident that we can assist you.

The road to financial stability begins with one phone call. Schedule an in-depth consultation by calling (432) 218-8714 today.

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